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ข่าวบริษัทเกี่ยวกับ When will the stepping motor burn out ?

When will the stepping motor burn out ?


ข่าวล่าสุดของบริษัทเกี่ยวกับ When will the stepping motor burn out ?

    If you have used a stepping motor, you may have also encountered the phenomenon of motor burning. Although different motors are used, the probability of motor burning may be different, but it does not mean that the motor burning must be caused by its quality problems. Even to some extent, motor burning is very normal.

    It can be said that the current stepping motor is easier to burn out than in the past, because with the continuous development of insulation technology, the design of the motor requires both increasing output and reducing volume, so that the thermal capacity of the new motor is becoming smaller and smaller, and the overload capacity is becoming weaker and weaker. In addition, with the improvement of production automation, the motor is required to operate frequently in a variety of ways, such as starting, braking, forward and reverse rotation and load changing, which puts forward higher requirements for motor protection devices. At the same time, the application of motor is more and more extensive, and it is often used in the humid, high temperature, dusty, corrosive and other harsh environments.

    These conditions will lead to more damage to the stepper motor, especially increase the frequency of motor overload, short circuit, phase loss, bore sweeping and other faults, and naturally increase the probability of motor burning. It can even be said that motor burning is a relatively normal phenomenon in use, but the probability of motor burning is really smaller for high-quality motors.


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